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Filmyzilla is a great movie downloading website and all movie lovers also love the site very much. Here any user can easily download the latest HD Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian, Bengali movies, and web series for free. If you really want to know how you can easily visit Filmyzilla and download the movie then you are on the best page. Here we going to discuss with you all the ways to get the latest movies on your device.

Filmyzilla Movie Download

I know that there are lots of movies downloading websites available to download free movies. But Filmyzilla provides all the latest HD movies as soon as possible. Means, when a movie gets released, you can find the download link of the movie in Filmyzilla. That’s why people love the site and want to visit to download more films.

Filmyzilla provides the latest Hindi dubbed movies, Tamil, Telugu movies, Holywood dual audio movies with HD 720p free. Not only the movies but also web series and tv show you can watch here.

Nowadays, the cost of the data is very cheap, especially for Jio. Most people use a 4G smartphone and they serve the internet and find the latest movies. So, they want to know the best movie downloading website. People use the internet for entertainment purposes. Now, they want to visit Filmyzilla but for piracy reasons, you can’t visit easily. You need to know the new site link and the proxy link of the Filmyzilla website.

Here we going to show you the best way and method to download movies and series in Filmyzilla step by step. Let’s get started.

About Filmyzilla Movie Downloading Site

Filmyzilla is a pirated movie downloading website that promotes illegal movie content. Now, promote any pirated content is totally illegal. So, the government anti-piracy cell bans the domain name and try to close the site. But the admin changes the domain extension and start piracy.


You may know that there are lots of domain extensions available and when a domain blocked by the government, they change the extension, and then you can easily visit the site and download the movie.

But, here you face one problem which is, how you know the new domain extension. It is the biggest problem that people face. So, we going to share the active site link and proxy link. To use the link, you can easily visit the site and download the movie.

If one of them not working then you can try the other one. You need to try all the proxy link to find the active one. Because one of the extension work today but in the future can not work.

[Pro Tips: When you visit the site, you need to notice the next extension name. The site admin show on the homepage of the site the next domain name with extension. You need to bookmark it or copy the domain name.]

If you follow the tips, then you can easily visit the site and continually download the new and latest leaked movies, web series for free.

Visit Filmyzilla Website Using VPN

In my opinion, VPN is the best way to visit any pirated site. Now, lots of websites are banned in many countries and the government bans the domain with the help of ISP. If any user tries to access the site then they can’t access the site. Because the ISP blocks the domain.

Here VPN comes into play. By using a VPN, your data became encrypted and the ISP can’t understand it. So, you can easily access the site.

As you already know, Filmyzilla also bans by the government and you can’t access the site. Similarly, if you use a VPN on your device then you can easily access Filmyzilla and download the free movies. If you new to use VPN then don’t worry. Here we show the step by step guide to using the VPN of any device.

For Mobile Users

Step 1: Use a smartphone then you can find lots of VPN apps on your Play Store and App Store. If you use an Android smartphone then you can find VPN apps on the Google Play Store. And if you use an iPhone then you can search VPN on your App Store.

Step 2: Once you find the free VPN app then install the app on your smartphone.

Step 3: Open the VPN app and choose the other country servers like Canada Servers. You need to look for fast servers for a better experience.

Step 4: Click on connect the VPN or proxy server.

Step 5: You are ready to go. Open your normal browser like Chrome or Safari and go to the Filmyzilla with your regular site link.

For Desktop or Laptop Users

Step 1: If you use a Desktop or laptop then you can use a VPN on your browser. There are lots of VPN companies available for desktop users like NotdVPN, Proton VPN. Also, you can use VPN Chrome Extension like ZenMate VPN Extension.

Step 2: You need to install the VPN software or extension on your browser.

Step 3: Choose the best and faster servers and connect to the VPN servers.

Step 4: Type the domain name and visit Filmyzilla.

Step 5: You successfully access Filmyzilla and download free movies and web series.

These are the few steps you need to follow. Once you complete the steps, you can easily access Filmyzilla and download free movies.

All Categories of FilmyZilla

Filmyzilla is a big pirated movie site and it contains lots of categories. It keeps all the movies in different categories. So, any new users can find the movie easily. Here we going to show all the categories that you can get to see and the movies you can download from Filmyzilla.

Filmyzilla Site

  1. Latest Updates: On the Homepage of the site, you can find the first movie section which is called the latest updates. All the latest leaked movies download links you can find here. If any new and trending movie leaks, then you no need to find on different categories. Simply visit the homepage of Filmyzilla and look at the latest updates section. Here you find a list of new leaked movies. If you find your favorite movies on the section then you can click on it and download the movie on your device.
  2. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies: Youn know, most of the Hollywood movie fans also love to watch Marvel Cinematic movies. It is pretty famous comics and they released new movies with the Avengers Heros. Lots of movie lovers want to download the latest Marvel movies like Avengers Endgame, Avengers Infinity War, Black Widow, and more. After the latest updates section, you can find the Marvel Movie download category. If you find the Marvel Movie series then click on it and download the movie for free.
  3. Bollywood Full Movies: Bollywood is also pretty famous all over the world for great movies. There are lots of great and popular stars make new Bollywood movies and people really love to watch it. For example, SRK, Salman Khan, Amir Khan are the very famous Bollywood stars. If you are a big fan of Bollywood then you can find all the latest and old Bollywood movies here.
  4. Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies: Hollywood makes lots of movies every year and people all over the world watch Hollywood movies. In India, there are lots of people who love to watch the latest Action Hollywood movies. Now, the problem is, most of the Indians don’t understand English properly. So, they find the Hindi dubbed version of the movies. Here Filmyzilla provides all the popular Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies here. You can get the category on the home page. Here you get all the Hollywood movies with Hindi dubbed for free.
  5. Hollywood English Movies: If you understand English properly and want to watch the latest Hollywood movie in the English language then you can click on the category. Here almost all the movies you can download in English Hollywood movies. 
  6. Hollywood Movie Series: Lots of Hollywood movies have many series like Fast and Furious. If you want to know the full story of the movie then you need to watch all the series of the movie. But find all the series and download is really a hassle. So, Filmyzilla provides all the Hollywood Movie series for free.
  7. South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies: South Indian also pretty famous and they make unique movies every year. The movie language is Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and others. Especially the South Indian movies are very famous in India. If you also like to watch Tamil, Telugu movies then you can find all the latest movies here.
  8. Latest Indian TV Shows Download: TV Shows also very popular and people love to watch it. Now, you can watch all the TV shows on your TV. But for some reason, you miss the show. So, users find the show on the web for download and watch. Filmyzilla provides all the popular tv shows and you can download all for free. For example Big Boss 13, and more.
  9. Indian Hot Web Series (Updated): Nowadays the Hot Web Series is a trending topic. People actively watch it and find the latest Hot Web Series on the internet. In the Filmyzilla site, you can see the category where you can get all the latest Hot Web Series.
  10. Hindi Web Series: People also love to watch the Hindi Web Series also. Netflix is going more and more popular for the latest and interesting web series. But the web series can watch who has Netflix subscribe. So, people are trying to find the Hindi Web Series on the internet. So, Filmyzilla provides all the trending web series and you can download them for free.
  11. Bengali Movies: Especially in West Bengal, people love to watch Bengali Movies. Bengali movie industry also quite successful and people actively watch the latest Bengali movies. Now, if you want to download Bengali movies then you can find it here.
  12. Bhojpuri Movies: If you are a Bhojpuri Movie lover and want to download then you can click on it. Here you can find all the popular Bhojpuri movies and download them in HD quality.

Latest Movies Leaked By Filmyzilla

Here are the latest movies that Filmyzilla recently leak and you can watch on your device.

Filmyzilla Proxy Links [New Site Link]

How to Access Filmyzilla Easily?

Access the Filmyzilla website is not an easy task. You need to use a VPN or use the new site link and proxy link. Here we share some of the active proxy links that can help you to access the site.

The VPN technology is very helpful for visiting any banned website. You can use the technology and successfully visit the site.

Once you visit the site, you can easily find the movie by the categories and you can request any movie. Now, click on the movie title and click on the download link. The downloading presses will start and you can watch the movie on your device.

Final Thoughts

Here you can find all the methods to access the Filmyzilla website and download free movies step by step. I hope you successfully visit the site and download your favorite movies.

If you have any query then comment us. We will answer as soon as possible. Now, if the post is helpful for you then kindly share it with your friends. Lastly thanks for visiting our website.